Windows XP Mode RTM Available For Public NOW

23/07/2010 14:45


Last week we reported about their Windows XP mode for MSDN and technet user profile. Earlier, Microsoft has promised released Windows XP mode for public come back.

But when you download XP mode, to ensure that your system support XP mode, we'll check your CPU supports Windows XP mode of instruction.

Once you have installed Windows XP mode, click the button, and then choose window > > 7 all the procedures of virtual computer Windows XP mode to start the installation.

Earlier today, there are many of the video, make makeup meta playback on their website. Of course, it also makes facebook video playback browsers also in iPad and apples. More important, it will be another heavy blow, adobe flash format. The only problem? These video message doesn't use meta.Many people use Microsoft Office 2007 to help their work and life.

Yes, the film on Facebook click when playing iPad or apples from ReadWriteWeb, but only that, this is through a h264 player (itself), and iPad support is not the real any kind of meta development. We have proved that the message said, "you are right, it is not the HTML. All new film 5 in h264 encoding, so we play video iPad born because it support h264 - encoded video."

WePay, entrepreneurship, is to help with painful mangaing management group such as fraternities, soccer, has won great new hire: Mr Lerdorf, this man PHP programming language. Lerdorf, yahoo last November, will take the lead in the development of WePay API. API will begin to have a decimal purpose developers summer (you can via E-mail inquiries to

WePay platform is used to promote pay, you often have to raise enough money from many individuals are not like PayPal (1-1 - to trade system more common). Clerico founder bill said, so far, has made many services and fraternities, traction, also with a roommate often catch on the share bills. Since launching a month ago, Clerico said trade has increased by 50%.