Register Free For Windows 7 Summit (Online Webinar)

24/07/2010 14:08


Microsoft's Windows and launch activities for some of the proposal. As you probably know, it is registered as a Windows and launch party. There are many reviews and articles written in Windows and so far with positive feedback.

This is another great opportunities to learn more about the window. In October 2009 will start at 1:7, Microsoft corp. Offers free webinar there can get answers on the window.

This is a good chance that you can meet the team, with Windows lovers, establish development team cooperation in production system, configuration, deployment, hard, commissioning, testing, and modify the new platform, through all possible situations.Office 2007 download is on sale now!

You can register for this window (free) summit in July 7 webinar Windows online registration page summit.

Directly from the crap department: a recent survey found that male and female 1,500 people have a iPhone than those who do not. A woman who has a special rejection, this research also before hand.

Ok, I do, the second part, but the first part is composed entirely.

According to the survey results, which is held by mobile phones, Internet retailers and other 4u iPhones (telephone), so indifferent in any way, you look at it, 54 percent of women said they would be more easily, if he has a man dating an apple. Which type, it is not clear.

Update: this research may not actually hold, or at least not through the telephone company claims, 4u. Read the entire background.