Microsoft Released Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool To Test XP Mode Compatibility

23/07/2010 14:45


We have covered the test. If your computer will run Windows XP pattern characteristics of SecurAble 7 tool use. May also tool from Intel and AMD xp-compatible test mode.

Since most of the end user with Intel doesn't know the tools, AMD Microsoft released Hardware - Assisted virtualization detection tools to see whether you can experience the computer operating mode.Office 2007 Professional can give people so much convenience.

Just download, double click tools to test your PC's compatibility with Windows XP.

There is even a program, store, I know that before UrbanSpoon some. Download and sold millions of interlibrary cooperation, I can safely say that I was right. Now the united team, they are trying to capture magic at its new freedom iPad applications.

Outwardly, UrbanSpoon for iPad doesn't look as useful, because it is for itself. After all, most people don't just show iPad street, they are looking for a restaurant (though some may when 3G version hits, who know). But the choice is a dinner before you leave the house by UrbanSpoon, and that is iPad is perfect.

Yesterday, we noticed that, in a recent interview in Los Angeles, the singer John mayer sharing his thoughts is "why los pajaritos. Today, in his Tumblr an appropriate title blogs (4), he cleared up.

In his position, called "twitter is not", "I'm fine," mayer about how over-abundance of trace (140 characters) information is limited in the song of the service. This line of thought has launched the calls a few years ago, since no breakthrough. However, he is very nice, "find a stranger in 140 characters had said about you is like a book without established mathematical equations, the value of" x ". Who are you, stranger?"

But what is more interesting meyer does next. He gave a huge, wet kiss another Tumblr service: micro - disappointed.

By the end of last month, many websites that very early Fennec building, mobile robot is downloadable, the mobile phone. However, it is not officially establishing personal together, to a robotic device. Today, the window itself has been out of work Fennec pre construction shall be, at least in the robot and link.

Window is quick to point out that, it is a kind of pre built browser, is only for the purpose of the test. But this is not Vuki evi desc desc President vladimir pull parked in his blog is announced. "Also have no any night developers building automation or automatic update this build; it is more a nightly pre-alpha - built (even earlier. But, it many use, we want to find some enough feedback, because we continue," he said.