Firefox 3.5.3 Available To Download Now

24/07/2010 14:08


Firefox has updated from the browser window, and the latest version of the 3.5.3 3.5.2 browser open source web browser downloads is now ready.

In firefox has already 3.5.3 four major problems.

And FeedWriter # chromium privilege to upgrade

# address bar line-height Unicode characters through tall cheating

Article TreeColumns hang fragile. pointer

Proof # accident, memory corruption

Some stability problem #Office 2007 Professional can give people so much convenience.

Although be download the latest version of, you can also choose to update this version through access the latest options > help. As usual, you can download the latest version download web 3.0.

The news corporation has obtained Irata laboratories, a small society software development studio in San Francisco, the Los Angeles times has learned.

The company is to establish and other procedures for social network, confirmed the agreement we and twitter (see these tweets Irata from laboratory and the chief executive and designer Chris represent Abad d Keith). The terms were not disclosed.

As you probably know, tomorrow, facebook began f8 developer conference in San Francisco. We will continue to cover what happened, but it looks like a large amount of information, all have the face masks, and GigaOM good comment on what we can have might expect. We report a heap of the announcement of such as these may Bar, "clone - Meebo me as" button, auto - logins Internet connection masks.

Obviously, I was interested in any place may make an announcement tomorrow, but it's not clear if makeup will announce anything as their plans have been fluid, and may not curdle. I'm interested in public figure to talk about operas plan. This is the first time in October 2002, preview vague intentions seems clear makeup, I was: make the entire site tributary system. It may be huge, or another huge network privacy of the disaster.

These magnificent plan is great, but when I sit here last night, I found myself f8 things is very simple: why use face frustration I die?